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Mobile Data Computer

General Information

The Atlas MDC consists of the MCT8500 CPU, the Eagle 12” screen and a ruggedized keyboard. It provides vehicles with computing products configured to operational and ergonomic requirements, scalable to a variety of software systems and applications. The Atlas is comprised of industry standard and commercial off-the-shelf components thus enabling agencies to capitalize on latest advancements in technology.


 Modular space saving design


 Configured to customer requirements


 Universal network interface design


 Molded and ruggedized for in-vehicle use


 Fanless, enclosed heat pipe technology


 Wide range, built in power supply


 Daylight viewable touchscreen display


 Low current usage


 Programmable function buttons


 Programmable power management
 Intel® i5 processor


 Memory – 8GB DDR3@1333Mhz


 Ethernet – RJ-45, integrated 10/100/1000


 Audio – 6 channel HD, stereo panel header


 USB – 2 USB 3.0 panel accessible


 USB – 4 USB 2.0 panel accessible


 Serial D-sub 9 pin, one on panel


 E-SATA port availability internal


 Solid State Drive – removable and shock resistant Wi-Fi – 802.11b,g,n availability internal


 8-24vDC, ATX 125W with controlled on/off sense


 35-watt RMS dissipation, 21 watt (idle)


 Extruded metal: 9.6″(W) x 4″(H) x 7.3″(D)


 Weight – 6.9 lbs.


 -10°C to +65°C
 1″high bright touch screen display


 12 programmable function buttons


 3 standard USB 2.0 ports


 Low current (max brightness1.8A at 13.7V DC)


 Built-in power supply with 6.8V~28V range


 Standard DVI/VGA/HDMI connectors
 Ruggedized, LED backlit, splash proof with touchpad


 Low profile with full travel key switches


 82-key compact design


 Plastic injection molded top with metal bottom

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