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General Information

IQ Hosted Services allow fire & EMS agencies to get up and running quickly with key services while eliminating the burden of costly IT infrastructure and capital expense.  And, since these services are available via subscription, you only pay for exactly what you need.

Key Benefits

  • Lower Upfront Cost – spread the cost of client software (and optionally hardware) over the time of its use, helping to reduce budgeting obstacles.
  • Faster Deployment –eliminate the need to purchase, house and maintain servers and software on-site, making it easier to get the system up-and-running quickly.
  • Peace-of-Mind – Key components are housed and maintained by RadioMobile’s team of experts, meaning you can focus on your agency’s mission.

Two Great Options to Choose From

IQ FLEX Hosted Mobile Network

IQ Flex provides state-of-the-art connectivity between your CAD and AVL systems, fire stations, and mobile units via a highly reliable, redundant and resilient communications network which includes LTE, LMR, and satellite.

IQ OTA Over-the-Air Updates

IQ OTA delivers IQ Mobile Software and data file updates “over-the-air” via multiple IP networks simultaneously without removing vehicles from service.

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