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“ONE CALIFORNIATM helps multiple agencies gain visibility and share incident information in real time so they can better coordinate activities.”

-Jim Moore, CEO of RadioMobile

Improving coordination between mutual aid agencies in California with mobile data technology that helps save lives and property.

ONE CALIFORNIATM is a program designed to unite fire agencies across California under a common operating picture (COP) to empower mutual aid, interoperability, situational awareness, and accountability.

The Need

California fire and EMS agencies frequently rely on neighboring agencies to assist when responding to emergencies based on mutual aid agreements (MAAs). These MAAs are especially critical to response in the wildland urban interface, or WUI, which often cross jurisdictional boundaries. However, mutual aid can be complicated by the lack of interoperability of the communication systems in use at each of the mutual aid agencies. With the increasing threat of wildfires in California, agencies need a way to quickly share incident information in order to enact the fastest and safest response to the threat.

The Solution

ONE CALIFORNIATM is a program designed to unite fire agencies across California under a common operating picture (COP) in order to empower mutual aid, interoperability, situational awareness and accountability. Under ONE CALIFORNIATM, participating agencies can exchange mobile unit and fire incident information via a distributed data platform already in use by some of the largest fire departments in California including Los Angeles County Fire and CAL FIRE.

Upon obtaining a data-sharing agreement to join the ONE CALIFORNIATM network, contracted or designated contracting agencies need only download the IQ Mobile App to a mobile data computer (MDC) or tablet and link to RadioMobile’s IQ Flex cloud- hosted server via a cellular network. Non-contracted or designated cooperating agencies including county and municipal fire departments, as well as fire protection districts can participate, after obtaining a data-sharing agreement from member agencies, by working with RadioMobile to integrate their dispatch environment and share two-way AVL data and status messaging into the COP ecosystem. ONE CALIFORNIA supports the sharing of AVL information from other solution providers as well.

ONE CALIFORNIATM supports the sharing of AVL information from other solution providers as well. Agencies that use an alternative provider’s AVL application may be integrated through a generic AVL-sharing application programming interface (API).


  • Improved coordination between mutual aid agencies
  • Enhanced visibility, tracking and accountability of responding units
  • Efficient and granular filtering of only relevant resources to be shared
  • Safer and more effective response based on COP
  • Quick and easy onboarding
  • Leverages AVL technology already in use

Core Components

IQ Mobile Server & Mobile Gateway
A highly scalable platform with open interfaces and a robust database design capable of processing thousands of transactions per second that includes the database of AVL and vehicle status history as well as a filtering/visibility criteria user interface.  Participating agencies can decide what information they want to share (e.g., based on status, vehicle type or strike team membership). Each agency can also customize the information that displays on their mobile apps (e.g., only vehicles within a selected radius or assigned to the same incident). An application programming interface (API) enables integration between the Gateway and 3 rd party AVL systems.

IQ Flex
Provides state-of-the-art connectivity between agencies CAD and AVL systems, fire stations, and mobile units via a highly reliable, redundant, and resilient communications network which includes LTE, LMR data, and satellite.

IQ Locator
A GIS-based host application that provides agencies with real-time vehicle (and personnel/asset) information and status updates while interfacing with applications such as CAD, mapping, mobile status, and RMS.

IQ Mobile Software
Provides agencies with real-time incident dispatching, mapping and navigation, vehicle locations and status updates, and mobile messaging. Provides supervisors and responders with the exact location and status of emergency apparatus and personnel at all times. IQ Mobile Software can filter which AVL resources are visible on the user screen/map.

Mobile Data Computer (MDC)
Ruggedized, in-vehicle mobile data computers that are purpose-built for the harsh working environment of firefighting and other emergency response incidents.

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