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IQ Mobile

Server Suite

General Information

The IQ Mobile Server Suite forms the core of RadioMobile’s mobile data products offering. It is built on a highly scalable platform with open interfaces and a robust database design capable of processing thousands of transactions per second.

IQ Mobile Server functions can be classified into three main categories:

  • Operations (network control, site selection, gateway, interface and link operations)
  • Monitoring (site equipment, server health and subscriber devices)
  • Management (administrative management functions and configuration of the mobile data system components)


About IQ Net

All the software programs need to communicate with each other on occasion. Communication occurs in two ways: via a shared database and a TCP/IP connection. IQ Net acts as the host for all TCP/IP connections and routes message packages from sender to receiver. While message routing is IQ Net’s primary function, it is also the best place to monitor network health. IQ Net has several GUI elements to display client and network status.

Web Monitor

IQ Web Monitor is a web-based application used for monitoring and/or troubleshooting the key components of a mobile data network. It provides information about alarms generated from the equipment along with key statistics across the entire system at a channel level and/or mobile level.

Alarm Configurator

The Alarm Configurator is a GUI tool that controls various aspects of IQ Link software. Its primary function is to configure IQ System Monitor to respond to different types of alarms. It also can manually reset a base station’s radio modem, as well as turn the transmit ability of that radio modem on and off.  Alarm Configurator is separated into four sections: Alarms, Actions, Link Control, and Server Control, which are all accessible by buttons on the left panel.

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