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Case Study

“The quality of this product is only surpassed by RadioMobile’s customer service.”

—Bonita Fire

Bonita-Sunnyside Fire Protection District Case Study


Bonita Fire has been using laptops for mobile data computers in their vehicles over the years. Although popular, this products has its drawbacks—especially when the computers stay fixed and are not removed from the vehicles during day-to-day operation. Part replacements, charging docks and spares are not only expensive but take up excessive cab space and can become safety hazards. Also, technological advancements yield many such products obsolete within a short period of time. Bonita was at the end of the lifespan of their current hardware and were looking for a better products .



RadioMobile provided Bonita Fire with a better alternative to expensive laptops and charging docks. The IQ MCT 8500 mobile data computing package provides a daylight viewable high bright mobile display, coupled with a fanless powerful mobile computer with no moving parts and a ruggedized keyboard. The package was designed to provide an ergonomic in-vehicle experience with vast mounting options. The entire system is upgradable and comprises integrated, industry standard, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components.



  • Modular (3-piece) products are a great fit for the Fire/EMS industry
  • Superior technology and ease-of-use provides the best of both worlds
  • Fire vehicle cab space variations require the vast mounting options offered by RadioMobile


IQ MCT 8500 Comprises

  • RMHB 12.1” High Bright Mobile Display
  • MCT 8500™ i5 Mobile CPU
  • Ruggedized Keyboard


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